15-16 Fall TYAPN 幹部甄選申請表

15-16 Fall TYAPN 幹部甄選申請表

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  • TYAPN Officer Recruitment Fall 2015

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE - 23:59 10-16-2015

  • Steps to Apply for TYAPN officer:

    1. Fill out the required fields indicated by "*"

    2. We recommend that you upload your resume

    3. You will be contacted soon to schedule an interview after submission

    4. Attend the interview

    5. Ready to be the change!

  • 您可以用中文或英文填寫這份幹部申請書 !

    You are welcomed to fill out the form in either Chinese or English !

  • 若您對本表或幹部申請程序有疑慮,請聯絡:

    Please direct any question about the form or application procedures to:


    Jimmy Kuo, Vice President, chiwei94@uw.edu

    Emily Wang, Vice President, emily228@uw.edu

    Rick Lin, President, ricklin@uw.edu