Wedding Ceremony Planning Form

Wedding Ceremony Planning Form

Looking for a form that will know more about your client dream wedding, reception and ceremony? With this Wedding Templates, you can serve them better and memorable event. Form Preview
  • Wedding w/Ceremony

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  • Ceremony Music

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  • Entering First...

  • Wedding Party

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  • Dance

  • Ice Breakers

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  • Billing

    Alright!  Let’s finish this up!

    To Recap:


    -Date of Event





    And your remaining balance is…. _____.  That is payable by check and is due before the dance.


    So, my second to last statement is this:  That balance takes care of any obligation to Midwest Sound.  However, most of my income comes from gratuity.

    My preference is that you wait until the end of the night, assuming you don’t too many to forget, and do it based on my performance.

    I’m happy to answer any questions regarding gratuity, but this will be the one and only time that I will bring it up.


    The last thing, I am now your point of contact for the remainder of the week.  There is no need to call Midwest Sound for any changes to your music or your enhancements.

    Do you have a pen and paper?


    My name is Pete St. Martin (Spell Last Name)

    My cell number is 612-242-7647.  You may call or text me at any time.

    My email is just like my name if you chop off the last two letters:


    pete st mart


    That’s P E T E S T M A R T




    If there is nothing else, I will see you on _______.




    I’m Excited!


    Have a great night!


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