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  • Employment Contract

    Distribution Assistant

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    (herein after referred to as "the Employer")


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    WHEREAS the Employee and the Employer wish to enter into an employment agreement governing the terms and conditions of employment;


    The employment term will be for the one-year period. The contract shall be effective from when the employee has shipped his third package/ post/ promotional materials. The employment arrangement may be renewable annually based on the mutual consent of the parties.

    Probation period: Employee has to send first 3 packages, so the employer can estimate speed and accuracy that can be expected from employee.

    Training period: First 30 days employee will be assigned to a training manager, who will be helping him with mail processing and paperwork.


    The employee has a flexible work schedule, but at the same time undertakes to perform his job responsibilities just-in-time and to be in touch with a Company Representative.

    The employee has the right to combine this work with the other, subject to performance of his work commitments just-in-time.


    • The Company hires the Employee in the capacity of Distribution Assistant.

    • Distribution Assistant duties shall include receiving, processing, passing over and documentary supporting of promotional materials, business and other correspondence, leisure and sporting goods, beauty preparations and perfumes, sport nutrition, clothes, computer and mobile devices accessories.

    • The Employee shall be liable to fulfill his or her working duties in due time.

    • The Employee shall be liable to stay in touch during working hours and to submit reports, send and receive correspondence and promotional materials in due time.

    • The Employee shall examine input goods for identifying defects and damages.

    • The Employee shall be involved in local and international shipping; cooperate with postal services of UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS.

    • The Employee shall receive all instructions on receiving, processing and passing over from the Company Representative via E-mail, fax, or phone.

    • The Employee shall be prohibited from opening parcels, mail or business correspondence without prior instruction of the Company’s Representative.

    • The Employee shall participate in incentive programs, bonus programs, advance training and personal development seminars and other activities stipulated by the Company’s Policy.

    • In the event of breach of this Contract or non-fulfillment of his or her job duties by the Employee the Company shall be entitled to refuse remuneration to the Employee and other benefits stipulated by this Agreement.

    • The Employee shall have a right to be absent for a while having agreed such actions with the Company’s Representative. NB! Employee must inform the Employer 2 weeks in advance.

    • Early resignation, is a subject of 2 weeks advanced notice.

    • Changing mailing address is a subject of 2 weeks advanced notice.

    1. Employee DOES NOT pay for shipping and there are no any start-up fees, investment or other costs related to it. Company provides Employee with pre-paid shipping labels.

    2. $3900 per month of the basic salary + $20 for each processed mail / parcel (if shipped not later than the 1 business day, after delivery). The first payment shall be made 30 days after the employee had sent his third package. After the first probation month employee shifts to a biweekly payment of $1950 + $20 for each processed mail / package (if shipped during 1 business day, after delivery).

    3. The employee selects any convenient method of payment.

  • Additional Benefit Further Description ("X" indicates no description for included benefit)
    Medical and Dental insurance X
    Vacation 3 weeks paid vacation per year


    Employee’s employment with Company is at-will. That means that Employee or Company may terminate Employee’s employment at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. Either party may terminate this Contract by giving 14 days notice in writing of the termination.


    Commission of any of the following acts by Employee constitutes grounds for the Employer to terminate Employee "for cause" under this paragraph:

    1. Employee is accused of committing a felony crime
    2. Employee is accused of a corrupt action such as fraud or any other act of deliberate deception
    3. Employee demonstrates incompetence in accomplishment of his or her direct responsibilities
    4. Employee accepts job offer from a competitor company
    5. Employee’s performance is not satisfactory due to any reason

    You acknowledge that during your employment with the Employer, confidential information of the Employer will be disclosed to you and that any unauthorized disclosure of such information to third parties or use other than for the Employer's purposes could cause extensive harm to the Employer. Confidential information of the Employer includes any and all trade secrets, confidential, private or secret information of the Employer including without limitation

    • Business and financial information of the Employer
    • Business methods and practices of the Employer
    • Marketing strategies of the Employer

    Confidential information will not include information that is in the public domain, or information that falls into the public domain, unless such information falls into the public domain by disclosure or other acts by you, or through your fault.

    You undertake with the Employer that you will not during your employment with the Employer or at any time thereafter, unless prior written consent is given by the Employer, either directly or indirectly, utilize on your own behalf or on behalf of any other person, firm or company or divulge to any other person, except as required by the terms and nature of your employment with the Employer, any confidential information of the Employer, and you shall use your best endeavors to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or publication of such information. In addition, you agree that you will not copy any confidential information of the Employer including any curriculum belonging to the Employer nor remove same form the Employer's premises without the express written permission of the Employer. You recognize and acknowledge that a breach of this provision may result in the termination of your employment and/or the institution of legal proceedings against you.


    The Company shall compensate all expenses related to delivery, processing and sending. The Employee shall be liable to keep all receipts, proving any expenses related to the Company’s Activity. The Employee shall be liable to submit all information on expenses related to the Company’s activity on short notice.


    Each party acknowledges that he or she has had an adequate opportunity to read and study this Agreement, to consider it, to consult with attorneys if he or she has so desired.



    By: Brandon Adams

    Title: CEO

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