Fund For Community Inclusion Form

Fund For Community Inclusion Form

A mini grant form for people with disabilities to win up to $500 to achieve their community inclusion goal. Form Preview
  • 2017 George Gaines & Roberta Sanders Fund for Community Inclusion

  •  "Knitting Together Dreams"

    The George Gaines & Roberta Sanders Fund for Community Inclusion ("the Fund") is a project of the Constituents’ Voice (CV), a Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority consumer advisory group. 

    The Constituents' Voice defines community inclusion as “having a personal sense of meaningful participation and interaction in everyday life.” The concept can be better understood by examining the image below. The INCLUSION scenario, when compared to the Exclusion, Segregation, and Integration areas depict everyone co-existing regardless of differences.

    For people with disabilities, barriers (e.g., funding mechanisms, transportation, attiudes, etc.) to achieving thier community inclusion dreams often exist. This mini-grant aims to reduce the effect of those possible challenges, and support members to acheive their dreams and have access to "everyday life".

    Awards are up to $500 each, and available in any of the nine categories that follow:

    HOUSING: e.g., housing first initiatives, community development agencies, home ownership programs

    EMPLOYMENT: e.g., training programs, supported employment

    EDUCATION: e.g., community and career colleges, supported education

    HEALTH/WELLNESS: e.g., community health clinics, gym memberships, nutrition classes

    ARTS/SPORTS: knitting classes, marathon entry fees and equipment, music or acting lessons 

    CITIZENSHIP/CIVIC ROLES: e.g., voting, volunteering, driving, mobility, transportation

    VALUED SOCIAL ROLES: e.g., relationships, marriage and child rearing, typical social roles

    PEER SUPPORT: e.g., meet ups, community meetings, peer to peer support gatherings

    SELF-DETERMINATION: e.g., Advocacy group membership, leadership training, money management course

     To be considered, completed applications must be submitted electronically by 5:00pm on Friday, May 31, 2017

    The award amount is up to $500 per person. To qualify, individuals must:

    • Live in Detroit-Wayne County
    • Receive community mental health service within the Detroit-Wayne Region

    DWMHA employees, Constituents’ Voice members, and the immediate family members of those parties are not eligible to receive this award.



    May 31, 2017 at 5:00pm


    Application Submission Period

    May 1 - May 31, 2017


    Grant Review Period

    May 24 - June 14, 2017


    Public Announcements

    August 18, 2017




    • Grants will be evaluated by the Peer Review Team, a subgroup of the Constituents' Voice who do or use to receive Detroit Wayne services.
    • Identifying information (e.g., names, birthdates, service provider, etc.) is removed from all applications before they are scored.
    • All applications are judged based on a point system or scoring rubric. The maximum score is 30 points, and applications must have a score of 24 points or higher to qualify for an award. Rubric areas and corresponding scores follow: Specific (4 points), Measurable (4 points), Attainable (4 points), Relevant (4 points), Time-oriented (4 points), and the Personal statement (10 points)

    If you need help, please contact our community partner:

    The ARC Detroit | 51 West Hancock |

    Detroit, MI 48201 | 313.831-0202 (o) 313-831-3693 (f)




    Alternatively, interested persons are encouraged to seek support of their family, friends, or staff persons.       

    Please note: Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

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