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2018 DANCE Application to Assist, Teach or Lead

2018 DANCE Application to Assist, Teach or Lead

Private form Form Preview
  • Application Instructions

    ***Please note: This application can NOT be completed on a cellular device. In order to upload your bio and picture you must use a laptop or computer.***

    Thank you for applying. Please read the following detailed information regarding the TEN Worldwide positions and application details. You can apply for one of the 8 positions listed below:

    1. TEN Assistant (no Teaching)

    Eagle who has graduated from any of the EITI Schools, a TEN graduate or a current EITI school student in good standing with all assignments. Assistants do not teach but assist, with registration, prayer, ice breakers and the like.

    2. Teacher of Word ONLY (for Graduates of EITI Primary School of Dance ONLY)

    An Eagle who has graduated from the EITI Primary School of Dance.

    3. Teacher of Principles and Special Topics (for Graduates of ALL EITI Schools EXCEPT the Primary School of Dance)

    As a Graduate of any of the EITI Schools you are MORE than welcome to apply to Teach at a current TEN Worldwide Site. As an approved teacher, you will be able to teach any of the Foundational Principles and during modules 4 and/or 5 you would also be approved to teach a topic specific to the EITI School you graduated from. For example if you graduated from the school of Prophetic Training with Prophet James, then you will be able to teach on a topic dealing with the prophetic. We look forward to you joining the TEN Worldwide Team.

    4. Teacher of Technique ONLY (no WORD)

    An Eagle who has graduated successfully in the area of dance Technique from the EITI Primary School (Dance and is licensed) &/or the EITI Yr. 2 Choreography.

    5. Teacher of both Word and Technique

    This means you are applying to teach both Word and Technique. Only EITI primary school licensed graduates can apply for this position.

    6. Leader/Co-Leader (Person responsible for the site and teacher of Word and Technique)

    A fully licensed Eagle (EITI Primary School) who must be able to teach BOTH Word & Technique. They are willing to host a TEN site for 1 complete TEN Year. Every site must have at least one leader; without a leader there is no site. Sites are allowed to have more than one leader.

    7. State Coordinator

    An Eagle who has served at least 1 year as a Leader within TEN WW who is willing to help oversee 2+ TEN locations within their state. ***Please Note: There must be at least 2 TEN Sites in your state. This position is assigned ONLY by TEN Leadership. If you are interested, please email info@tenworldwide.org

    Please note that ALL applications must be approved by TEN Leadership and may be modified.

    2018 Applications MUST be submitted ON or BEFORE DEC. 15th! Applicants will receive an email regarding their approval status.

    **If you are a returning leader, teacher, or assistant and you are not requesting to change your status within TEN, you must still complete the application but know that you are pre-approved as long as nothing has changed.

    If you have any questions about your application status please feel free to contact us at info@tenworldwide.org