AA Technique template generic 2

AA Technique template generic 2

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  • Master techniques in upper and lower airway management

    Author submission template for scenario chapters
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    This is a "technique" chapter. Instead of discussing a clinical situation, you will be writing on a specific technique used in airway management

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    In an effort to provide consistency to the 150 chapters of this book, we are asking you to enter you text in a manner that will answer the following questions.

    Each chapter is only 2 printed pages in length (approximately 6 double spaced 12pt word-processing pages)

    Be sure to construct your answers in a word processor and then copy and paste here.

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  • Citations (Please try to limit yourself to 5 citations):

    Please follow the below example citation for journal articles.

    Read SJ, Parsons AA, Harrison DC, et al. Stroke genomics: approaches to identify, validate and understand ischemic stroke gene expression. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 2001;21:755-778

    For other sources, please see the Manuscript Guidelines, page 4, for citation format

  • Any artwork, photographs or video can be submitted with your manuscript. In most cases the editors will provide media for your chapter, but you are welcome to submit your own. (previously published artwork and media from other Lippincott Williams and Wilkins publications or possibly other publishers may be available for this publication. Please suggest such assets if you aware of such) Media of any kind can be submitted to your editor via email.

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