Event Participant Form

Event Participant Form

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  • Thanks for being part of the festival! We are gonna have a ball!

    The day starts at 2pm with our vintage market crew setting up.
    Please come for the day and support all the other acts!

    Venue website:
    Venue Address: 336 Green Lanes N4 1BY
    Venue Telephone Number: 0208 8091142

    Please read through everything here and complete as much as you can.
    Then click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.

    CLICK HERE for the running order of the day and your STAGE TIME.
    Each act has a 40 min set with a 20 minute changover (No sound checks, line checks only).

    There may be spoken word poetry and short films between acts too... tbc on the day.

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  • Please CLICK HERE and take a look at the in house backline that will be provided

    Note: Drummers must bring cymbals, snare, hi-hat clutch, kick pedal)

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    Copy in complete links (e.g. https://www.facebook.com/bornmusicians)
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    Stuff we can use to promote you to the public
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    For payment the day after the show
  • CLICK HERE to review the deal and how money is collected and distributed

  • Please Promote...

  • CLICK HERE for the Facebook event page

    Please invite your friends to this event and over time post comments, pics, videos, music, like stuff etc... get a buzz going!

    CLICK HERE for a way to invite all your friends on Facebook in one easy go! Very handy and saves time.

    Also please text message your pals in the days leading up to the show.

    HERE is a flyer for you to email around

    Lets all have the audience we deserve and rock da house!!!

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  • Born Musicians offer the bands and artists that we love the chance to be featured to our clients in advertising, film and television.... CLICK HERE to read about it and let us know if you are interested...


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