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Actor Info Form

needed when hiring adults for porn Form Preview
OLD Amazing Films Model App
  • Prospective Actor & Model Application

    Please provide as much information as possible so we can match you with other actors and upcoming projects. Photos are important. Full nude shots of your front, back and side are asked for. Males should include a photo of their penis erect and flaccid, females should have a close up of their vagina.
  • Personal Data (please be thourough and honest)

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  • Sexual Activities (please answer honestly)

  •   YES NO
    Anal sex bottom
    Anal sex more than one penis in ass at once
    Anal sex top
    Bisexual have sex with men and woman
    Bondage allow partner to restrain you
    Bondage restrain partner
    Cumshot eat own cum
    Cumshot eat partners cum
    Cumshot in ass or vagina
    Cumshot in mouth
    Cumshot on body
    Cumshot on face
    Domination allow partner to be in control
    Domination be in control and aggressive
    Fingering allow fingers in ass or vagina
    Fingering insert fingers in ass or vagina
    Fisting allow whole fist in ass or vagina
    Fisting insert whole fist into ass or vagina
    Food play be fed and or eat food off partner
    Food play feed and or allow eating off you
    Foot fetish allow feet and or toes to be sucked
    Foot fetish suck feet and or toes
    Group sex more than 2 partners
    Kissing making out French kiss tongue
    Leather wear leather clothing and use props
    Oral allow penis or vagina to be licked sucked
    Oral lick and or suck penis or vagina
    Piss play allow urination in mouth ass or vagina
    Piss play allow urination on body and or face
    Rim allow partner to lick asshole
    Rim lick partners asshole
    Sling use of sex swing or similar furniture
    Spanking allow partner to spank you
    Spanking spank partner
    Spitting allow partner to spit in your mouth
    Spitting allow partner to spit on your body
    Spitting spit onto partners body or in mouth
    Toys allow toys dildos in ass vagina or mouth
    Toys use toys dildos on partner
    Vaginal sex allow more than one penis at once
    Vaginal sex allow penis into vagina
    I will sign a release form
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