Timesheet Reporting Form

Timesheet Reporting Form

Here's a good way to use a form for reporting as a timesheet. Form Preview
  •  -  - Pick a Date
  • If your name is not on this list call the office.


  • Examples:  Lunch 1130-1300    /    End of Day Time:  1700

    If you don't take lunch, just enter 0 in hour and 00 minutes for Lunch-In and Lunch-Out and the system will calculate your time.  If teaching in the evening, use Lunch-In and Lunch-Out for the evening meal time, if applicable.

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  • Academy Topic Area

  • In-Service Topic Area

  • This section will apply if you taught an in-service topic.  Change the N/A to the title of the course you taught.

  • Work Done - This Section Only Used for Approved Projects

  • Pertinent Notes

  • Certification

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