Paws Adoption Application

Paws Adoption Application

Like any other adoption form, to make an adoption legal, you need to apply for an adoption order. This form will help you make the process faster. Form Preview
  • Adoption Application

    Purple Pawz NEPA Animal Adoption
  • All dogs and cats are required to be spayed/neutered. We offer several options. If the animal is already spayed/neutered please type n/a. For puppies or kittens under 6 months old, only options 2 and 4 are available.

    1. The animal will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption. The adoption fee would then be the amount specified in the animal description.

    2. You can get the animal spayed/neutered once adopted. You would then be required to make a $100 deposit which would be returned once animal is proven spayed/neutered plus the adoption fee.

    3. I can drop the animal off at your vet to be spayed/neutered and then you pick the animal up. You would be responsible for the cost.

    4. We also accept spay/neuter vouchers from a vet or shelter.

  • For litter of puppies/kittens, under name section please indicate whether you would like to visit the puppies/kittens or if you would like to have 2-3 brought to the home check to choose from. If choosing to have them brought to your home, they must be 8 weeks old. Also if choosing this option, either indicate which ones you are interested in, or what personality traits you are looking for.
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