Adultstudios application

Adultstudios application

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  • Adultstudios application

  • PART 1: your information

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  • PART 2: performance details

  • PART 3.The following represent acts common in adult entertainment. Please place an "X" at the beginning (in front) of any item only if you are certain that you are comfortable about performing that activity in front of a camera.

  • PART 4: photos and videos
    If you submit an application without all the required photos, your application may not be accepted and may be rejected automatically. Please follow directions completely. Before sending your photos, you should be certain your photos are good enough quality for us to evaluate your physical appearance easily. If possible, have someone else take your photos. It’s usually best to take several shots of each pose and choose the best examples.
    Do not send photos of yourself with friends, children, pets, etc.
    Photos should be as recent as possible
    Photos from cell phones and web cams are acceptable, but must be of good visual quality.
    We suggest you use as much artificial light as possible when taking photos indoors; turn on all lights in the room, and add more as needed to provide better illumination.
    Avoid flash photography if you are shooting yourself reflected in a mirror.
    To send your photos: Upload them using the buttons below.
    To send your video(s): Upload using the buttons below.

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