Leadership Opportunities application form

Leadership Opportunities application form

If you manage a Leadership Opportunities and International Internship/Exchange organization, then this form can help you to gather the information of applicants to your programs Form Preview

  • Instructions

    Thank you for showing interest in AIESEC’s Global Youth Ambassador Program. Once you have read the form and are interested in applying, please follow these steps below.

    1. Complete all sections of this application form.

    2. Please attach a) your CV and b) motivation letter at the end of the form. Both documents must be in 

        English, and in PDF format.

    3. You will be contacted separately for an interview selection. This round of interview will determine

        whether or not you will be accepted to AIESEC Global Youth Ambassador Program, and therefore is

        very crucial for you to attend.

    For more details please contact: marketing@aiesecbandung.org

  • 1. Personal Information

  •  -
  • Languages

    The languages listed below (except native languages) must be tested and certified by a language   professional (on student contract) according to AIESEC evaluation.

    The levels are: Native, Excellent, Good and Basic.

  • 2. General Question

  • 3. Survey Question

  • 4. Medical History

  • Applicant Declaration

    Please read carefully and indicate your agreement by signing the declaration.

    1.  I have read the Terms and Conditions for applying an AIESEC internship.

    2. If selected, I am prepared to participate in the required activities and various stages of the program,including learning activities in the preparation, integration and re-integration stages of the program.

    3.  I have checked the application and it is to the best of my knowledge complete and factual, with all necessary attachments.

    4.  I have the adaptability, open-mindedness, awareness and maturity to handle the challenges of an ambassador exchange program in a different country and culture.

    5.  I have the ability to cover travel and other related costs to the location of the traineeship I am matched to.

    6.   I am willing to sit an interview selection.

    7.  I understand that my role as an AIESEC Ambassador from Indonesia is to act as an ambassador of Indonesia and a representative of Indonesian Culture.

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