Alumni Update Form 4

Alumni Update Form 4

alumni Update form Form Preview
  • WGHS Alumnae Survey 2015

  • About You

  •  -
  •   One Two More None
    I have no other family who are connected with the school
    My siblings came to or are at WGHS/QEGS
    My parents attended QEGS / WGHS
    My children attended WGHS/QEGS
    I have children at WGHS / QEGS now
    My grandchildren attended the school.
    I have grandchildren at the school now
    I have other relatives who attended the school
  • Events

  •   Attended in the last 12 months Attended in the last 5 years Attended in the last 10 years Attended over a decade ago Never Attended
    School Visit
    School Reunion
    Oxford Reunion
    Cambridge Reunion
    London Reunion
  •   Would love to attend Would consider attending Depends who else is going Not for me
    Exhibitions and Tours (eg Hepworth @ the Tate, a tour of houses of parliament, tour of the BBC)
    Lectures or Talks (eg Wakefield and the Great War)
    School Music Events (eg Christmas Concerts, Spring Concerts, School Plays)
    Drinks events
  • Communications

  • How would you rate the following communications from WGHS:

  • How did we do?

  •   Yes No In the future
    I would love to help with career mentoring
    I would be willing to help with work experience
    I would be willing to help by coming to talk to pupils in School
  • What are you doing now?

  • Should be Empty: