Amcomm Wireless Audit Form (Quick and Full)

Amcomm Wireless Audit Form (Quick and Full)

Elegant Audit form for daily auditing. Form Preview
Amcomm Wireless Audit Form (Quick and Full) Form Template | JotForm
  • Consistency Accountability Performance
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  • Showroom Audit

  •   Yes No N/A
    Appropriately Staffed
    Employees wearing name tags and dressed professionally
    Store has clean and neat appearance
    Current posters on display
    All technology functional
    All phone spots filled and priced
    All peg hooks filled - even rows
    Customers greeted professionally and out from behind counter
    Home Solutions Section displayed
    Home Phone Connect able to make / receive calls
    iPhone display is working properly
    4 Live 4G Smartphones on display
    Live Jetpack on display
    Live tablet on display
    Return policy posted
    Store Hours posted
    Does location have "Are you a 10" signage on floor and in employee area?
    Wireless Workshops offered in location
    Next outside event planned
  • Sales Consultant / Earn the Right Audit

  •   Yes No N/A
    Consultants knowledgeable about current promotions
    Consultants knowledgeable about NPS
    Consultants aware of store / personal goals
    ETR - Ability to Connect
    ETR - Ability to Discover
    ETR - Ability to Recommend
    ETR - Consultants offering Internet Device / HPC / Converged Solutions
    ETR - Ability to Close
  • Pass / Fail Audit - For DM Level

  • Call Backs

    Using RQ4 for callbacks

    All callbacks completed within 24-48 hours

    Manager doing callbacks for reps out more than 2 days

    25-Day callbacks completed

  •   Pass Fail N/A
    Call Backs
  • Greeting

    Using with every customer: Welcome to Amcomm Verizon Wireless. I'm . How can I help you? Or seasonal / promotional greeting

    Greeting customers out on the floor, near the door

    Proper phone greeting

  •   Pass Fail N/A
  • Earn the Right Process

    ETR process used with every customer

    Weekly ETR Role Play being done with every Wireless Consultant

    ETR Role Play Binder up-to-date

  •   Pass Fail N/A
    Earn the Right Process
  • Wireless Workshops

    Wireless Workshops being held at least twice a month

    In-Store flyer / signage advertising the workshop

  •   Pass Fail N/A
    Wireless Workshops
  • Home Phone Connect used on Test Calls

    HPC is active and operational

    HPC number is posted on each terminal

    All test calls when activating devices go to HPC

  •   Pass Fail N/A
    Home Phone Connect Test Calls
  • Contracts are Uploaded and Accurate

    100% of contracts are uploaded to customer profile and are fully accurate

    Each consultant knows how to process contract upload

    Manager is checking contracts daily

    Check minimum of 10 device sales

  •   Pass Fail N/A
    Contracts are Uploaded and Accurate
  • Customer Entries are Complete and Accurate

    100% of customer entries are complete with accurate information

    Full first and last name, accurate address. All matching eROES

    Email captured. Accurate can-be-reached number

    Existing customer entries are updated at time of interaction

    Check minimum of 10 device sales

  •   Pass Fail N/A
    Customer Entries are Complete and Accurate
  • Store Scheduling

    Opening shift scheduled at least 15 minutes prior to store opening

    Store is scheduled for proper coverage

    Schedule is completed at least 2 weeks out

  •   Pass Fail N/A
    Store Scheduling
  • Should be Empty: