Application of Employment

Application of Employment

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      1. This document as submitted by me a genuine and true the attestation of my certificate by the concern department is legal and genuine.
      2. That I authorize M/S Burhanpur Holidays to submit my original certificate for attestations by HRD, MOE and embassy for the purpose of endorsement of my employments visa by the embassy/consulate.
      3. I hereby declare that I do not have any legal oblique or criminal proceeding against me in any court of law in India.
      4. I am applying to M/S Burhanpur Holidays for overseas employments with consent of my family.
      5. I hereby indemnity and declare that after the selection/issue of my visa/visa endorsements of my passport, if I am not travelling to country of employments for any reason I will be liable to pay the consultancy and visa cancellation service charges & wait till the procedure to cancel my visa from the authorities.
      6. I do hereby agree M/S Burhanpur Holidays is not responsible for the security of my original documents, if the same misplace by courier/unforeseen happenings.I hereby agree that if I selected / rejected in interview.
      7. I will collect documents within 60 days or validity of the visa if renewal from M/s Burhanpur Holidays and I further agree that M/S Burhanpur holidays is not responsible for the security of original documents.
      8. if have not taken beck under the stipulated time .I hereby indemnity and declare that I have read and understood and above and have been explained to me in local language


        Date ………………………………..                                            Name & Signature

                                                                                       As in the passport………………………………………………………

        Kindly Enclosed your career history sheet (Type bio-data on A4 ) Attached with copies of passport, experience certificate till date, Qualification certificate etc . Minimum Validity of passport should be six month for visa endorsement. This application is not returnable & incomplete for will not be considered.

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