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Lead Generation Forms

JotForm lead generation forms can be embedded straight onto your website, and are fully customizable to match your company's brand. Get started by selecting a lead generation form template below, and customize it in our form editor for free.

Opt In Form 3

Contact Forms

Form on the go! Allows for users to subscribe to newsletter or mailing lists to get updates from organizations or companies!

Opt In Form 2

Contact Forms

Looking for free optin form templates to grow your email list and step up your email marketing game? Use this free opt in form to capture email leads and convert your web visitors into subscribers. This free opt in form can be integrated to any email marketing apps like MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse and many others in the integration section on the form builder. This is a short form and well designed opt in template customized in the form designer. Start building your email lists and send email campaigns automatically through opt in templates!

Opt In Form

Registration Forms

Stay connected using this opt in form template! Using this opt in template, your organization can keep the contact information of the existing/potential customers'. You can create this free optin form template and tailor it towars your organization's needs. Go ahead and start allowing your customers to receive newsletters, updates or any kind of perks or updates with this free opt in form!

Property Inquiry Form

Real Estate Forms

Selling properties and looking for buyers made easier using this property inquiry form. This property enquiry form or real state enquiry form allows the buyer to get a list of the desired properties and arrange the visit conveniently. This real estate inquiry form collects basic information of the interested person, the kind of property they are interested in and the information for visit arrangement. A simple yet professional looking real estate customer enquiry form format which you can customize or easily format in the form builder. Try it out now and enjoy the perks of using this real estate enquiry form template.

Appointment Request Hairdressers Form

Customer Service Forms

Planning to open a hair salon or do you own a salon business? Promote your services and get more customers appointments easily through this hairdresser appointment form. This hair salon form collects contact information and your clients can select service required, stylist, date, time.

Book A Limo Form

Lead Generation Forms

If you are in the business of limo or car rental, you can use this limousine template to get bookings and leads. You can collect personal information from your customers by using this limo template. For example name, email, address, phone number. Also, your customers can specify number of passengers, vehicle, pickup date and time, pickup address, dropoff address. And they can share their additional comments with you.

Airport Pickup Reservation Form

Request Forms

This airport pickup sign template is for businesses that are into airport pickup services to offer their customers a way to reserve a pickup schedule online. This pick up form template offers a way for clients to select their type of trip, either a trip from their home to airport or vice versa. The airport transfer template also allows clients to provide their other trip information such as the name of the airport and the airlines. Your customers can also add their special requests or comments in this airport pick up sign template. Use this pick up reservation to get details of your travel attendants and serve them a good quality of service.

Boot Camp Registration

Registration Forms

Convenient way for users to sign up for Fitness Boot Camp. Users can leave their email, phone and personal information and even physical fitness.

Advertiser Purchase Form

Marketing Forms

A purchase form for advertisements. Get requests for banner ads for your web site.

Business Promotion Form

Business Forms

This is a business promotion form for shopping malls or department stores. Promote your business and store. Find out what the customers want to buy from your business store. This promotion form template contains name, email, phone number, address. You can learn to how your customers got to know you or what do they wish to shop today by using this promotional form.

Announce An Event Form

Charity Forms

If you have an event listing page, you can use this form to get people submit their events.

2checkout Payment Form

Business Forms

Get online payments with 2Checkout payment form. Ideal if you're using 2Checkout to receive payments.

Download Whitepaper

Lead Generation Forms

Get leads by offering whitepaper download to your website visitors with this download whitepaper form and send them to your mailing list for weekly newsletters. This white paper form will serve your purpose of generating leads of different category for your use or your clients. This white paper template is simple and will only ask visitors to provide their name, email, and phone to download the whitepaper. You can deliver the whitepaper from this white paper download to your submitters either by the email or automatic redirect download.

Simple Guest List Form

Registration Forms

Are you searching for a guest list form? You can use this guest list template. This guest list form is an easy to use and simple form that registers guest list and gathers information. You can collect name, email address and contact number by using this guest registry template.

Book Estimate Request Form

Lead Generation Forms

Do you provide services? Add this form to your web site to get people to provide details about the work they need and send them estimates.

Delivery Quotation Form

Lead Generation Forms

If you are into logistics business, you can use this delivery quotation form to let shippers ask for a quote for their packages. This is a very simple quotation form where shippers can provide details about their packages such as the size and weight, the pickup and drop off location. Use this quotation delivery template now for safe and smooth logistics dealing in zones that are within your reach.

Lead Form

Lead Generation Forms

Here's a quick and easy form for generating leads

Advertising Survey Form

Advertising Forms

Find out what your potential or existing advertisers are thinking about. How they are advertising currently.

Fundraiser For Elementary School PTA

Advertising Forms

Use this form to create a digital fundraiser for your school, club, organization, non profit, ministry and more- Share via text, email and social media, eliminating the need for paper.

Appliance Service Request Form

Lead Generation Forms

Do you sell products? How do you handle service requests after the sale? To increase customer satisfaction, you can add a service request form to your site. You will save time with taking user input and your customers will be happy to know that you care.

Snail Mailing List Request

Request Forms

Wanting for a Snail Mail? You might want to have a look at this form.

Facebook Likes And Twitter Followers

Advertising Forms

If you run an SEO or SMM business and want your clients to buy Facebook likes and Twitter Follower, this is ideal for you!

Backlink Request Form

SEO Forms

Great way to improve your SEO. Ask users to post backlinks to your web site and submit using this form.

Telemarketing Report

Lead Generation Forms

Here's a telemarketer marketing and lead generation form

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