Approved Caterer Request Form

Approved Caterer Request Form

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  • Any caterers interested in supplying food or beverage on any Mason campus must be a registered eVA vendor in good standing, complete the information below and upload the following documents to this form or submit via

    - License Agreement

    - W-9

    - Current business license

    - Last food safety inspection report

    - Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 and naming the "George Mason University Board of Visitors, its officers, officials, employees and volunteers" as additional insureds.

    Remember: Caterer must be registered in eVA for any event to be paid by George Mason University or the George Mason University Foundation.  The University supports and encourages SWaM Certified vendors. 

    If you are unable to submit any documentation with this form, please email to or fax to 703-993-2850.

    • Contact Information  
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    • Marketing Processes  
    • Upload a File
    • Type/Style of Food and Services  

    • Business Information and Documents  
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    • Upload License Agreement
    • Upload W-9
    • Upload Business License
    • Upload Last Food Safety Report
    • Upload Certificate of Insurance
    •  Vist this site for more information about these documents.

      If you are unable to upload any documents onto this form, please email them to or call 703-993-2840 as soon as possible.  We are unable to process your request until all documents are recieved. 

    • Health Inspection Information  
    • Additional Terms and Conditions  
    • Caterers will maintain Mason's approval indefintely or until written notification of termination is received by either party.  However, certificates of insurance and helath inspection reports will be monitored yearly.  Caterer can be removed from the approved list if adequate insurance is not maintained or food safety violations become a concern.  The caterer above hereby accepts full responsbility for (and holds harmless George Mason University and the Commonwealth of Virginia) any problems including but not limited to food poisoning) resulting from food which has not been delivered by the above named restaurant or caterer but which has been picked up or handled by said group.  All itmes above must be completed before approval will be considered.

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