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An information request form is used by a variety of industries to collect and answer requests. Whether you need an easier way to accept requests and questions from customers, students, or coworkers, our free Information Request Forms will simplify communication by reducing back-and-forth emails. To get started, select one of the templates below to customize using our drag-and-drop Form Builder. No coding required — add more form fields, change the template design, and upload your logo in seconds! Once it’s customized to meet your needs, publish the form on your website to start collecting requests and queries online.

Each submission will be stored in your Jotform account, and also redirected to other online accounts should you choose to integrate with any of the 130+ apps we offer, including Google Drive, Slack, Airtable,, and more! You can also upgrade your form with powerful form widgets and unique features to encourage users to finish completing your custom Information Request Form. Why not set up conditional logic to hide and reveal form fields based on how each question is answered? However you customize your chosen Information Request Form, you’ll be able to respond to queries faster and drastically improve the way your organization communicates both externally and internally.

Information Request Form

The simple Information Request Form is composed of areas to fill name, email, phone number and an area to quest the information needed, thus can be used by any occupation as help desk, consultancy, an expert, or a scientist.

Information Request Forms

Ask A Question Template

Embed this customizable contact form in your website — for free! No coding required. Add your branding and CAPTCHA fields. Integrate with 130+ apps.

Information Request Forms

New Employee Details Form

Accelerate and improve your new recruiting process with the New Employee Details Form that provides all the necessary information. No code required!

Human Resources Forms

Property Information Form

A property information form is a form used to collect information about a property. Customize this template according to your needs. No coding!

Real Estate Forms

Doula Intake Form

A doula intake form is a questionnaire for doulas to collect information about potential clients. Just customize the form to match the way you want to communicate with your clients.

Information Request Forms

Student Contact Information Form

A student contact information form is a document that collects essential information about a student, such as their address, phone number, and emergency contacts.

Information Request Forms

Testimonial Request Form

Here is a Testimonial Request Form that allows your customers to provide their testimonial for the service they have received, rate your services, and give their consent for their testimonial to be published.

Information Request Forms

Makeup Consultation Form

A makeup consultation form is a form used by cosmetic departments of a store for customers to describe how they want their makeup. No coding!

Makeup Forms

Expense Reimbursement Form With Calculations

An expense reimbursement form is used by businesses to track employee or contractor business expense reimbursements.

Information Request Forms

Wire Transfer Form

A wire transfer form is a document used by a bank to move money between two accounts. With a wire transfer form, you can easily send money online to anyone.

Banking Forms

Client Information Form

A client information form can be used to ask clients a purposeful set of questions and gather some information about the clients. Whether you own a restaurant or a business in any other industry, use this Client Information Form.

Information Request Forms

Painting, Quote And Estimation Form

The Painting, Quote and Estimation form allows your customers to contact you regarding their request through simply providing their contact details, preferred contact time with the requested service and project details.

Quote Forms

Artist Offer Sheet

An Artist Offer Sheet that gathers submitter personal information, their business details with the price offered to the artist, event/venue information, the physical conditions and the requesters' consent to terms and conditions.

Information Request Forms

Consultancy Registration Form

When you working as a consultant having a solid consultancy registration form can make or break for finding and following up on business leads. So you need consultancy registration form templates that capture all relevant customer information like name, contact information, and type of work so you can follow up on potential work opportunities. Get a head start of the form building process by selecting our consultancy registration form sample, then customizing it to fit your needs. Through the Jotform builder, you can add widgets and apps integrations to your consultancy registration template.

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House Buyers Information Checklist

A House Buyers Information Checklist helps prospective homeowners assess the qualifications of the house they are looking for.

Real Estate Forms

Document Delivery Form

A Document Delivery Form useful for requesting documents to be easily delivered to a provided address through collecting receiver group details, contact information, and delivery address. No coding.

Request Forms

Conflict Of Interest Declaration Form

Have an online-based conflict of interest declaration for your officers and employees with this Conflict of Interest Declaration Form Template.

Legal Forms

Travel Request Form

A travel request form is a form used by businesses to collect info about a request a client is making.

Business Forms

Sign In Sheet Form

A sign in sheet is a type of log that you can use to record the attendance of your students, employees, or guests at meetings and conferences.

Information Request Forms

Rental Information Form

A tenant information form that can be used by property owners to collect pre-tenancy applications and regularly gather updates regarding their existing tenants.

Information Request Forms

Animal Surrender/Intake Request

Here is an Animal Surrender Form for the use of businesses or people that rehome animals that collects the current owners' personal and contact information with the animals' name, weight, age, socialization details.

Pet Adoption Application Form Templates

Real Estate Seller Information

If you are in real estate, you might need to investigate for possible sellers that have real estates that are in good state. So, you may need to use a detailed real estate seller information form to collect information about the property sellers. As you can see on the home seller information sheet demonstration, seller information form has sample question fields and you are able to change or add new field and make your form more elaborative and suitable for your business.

Real Estate Forms

DASS Form Template

A DASS form is used to screen for mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. No coding!

Healthcare Forms

Church's Children Registration

Form used for registration of children. This form is useful for the caregivers at religious groups that give assistance to parents.

Information Request Forms