Placement Details Formbaf14

Placement Details Formbaf14

Form is oriented for Accounting & Finance - Placements Offices. Form makes it easy to review the new hires. Form Preview
  • BAF Placement Details Form

    University of Bath BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance - Placements Office
  • This form is to be completed within your first week on placement.

    These details are essential so that the placements staff, your personal tutor and school staff can contact you quickly and easily - make sure you complete ALL fields as accurately as possible.

    Please do not delay in returning this form, as it is essential.  If ANY of these details change whilst you are on placement you MUST let the Placements Office know ASAP.

    Remember, your tutor cannot visit you if we do not have the correct details for you.

  • Main Details

  • Contact Details

  • Address Details

  • About your placement

  • If you haven't had an induction, ask your Line Manager or HR to clarify the above.

  • Many thanks for completing this form.

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