Band Application for 2018 Vetstock Festival

Band Application for 2018 Vetstock Festival

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  • Apply now for the opportunity to perform at the 2018 Norcal Vetstock Festival (VSF), September 15, 2018, Veterans' Field, Galt, CA and gain unparalleled access to an audience of industry professionals, Veteran’s support services, and new fans.

    The deadline for applications must be completed by December 15, 2017. All applications submitted after the final deadline will not be considered.

    Band / Music Performance Applications are open to:
    • All genres
    • Solo acts and/or full bands
    • Artists from any part of the world

    Invited Artists are guaranteed a performance slot:
    • Performance times run an average of 30-45 minutes
    • Performance times will be announced September 15, 2018 at 11:30 am. Set times are between 1pm – 9pm (exceptions do apply)
    • Venue, time and assignment will vary
    • Vetstock Festival will not cover travel nor accommodation expenses

    Additional Details:
    • If selected to perform, performing members will receive Artist Lanyard/Badge. Artist Lanyard/Badge grant access to all area and more (unless otherwise noted).
    • Bands are authorized one stage hand (roadie) pass.
    • All invited acts will have the opportunity to directly engage with other VSF participants in advance and during the event

    Please note:

    The person listed as Primary Contact in your VSF Music Festival Application should be someone who is authorized to respond on behalf of the act applying and frequently checks their e-mail. Notifications from VSF will be sent to the Primary Contact e-mail address, and will require timely response.

    Within 48 hours of submitting you will receive a confirmation e-mail from VSF. If you do not receive notification within 48 hours, please follow up by e-mail to ensure your showcase application has been submitted properly and is under consideration.

    To keep important VSF e-mails from landing in your spam folder it's a good idea to add the following address to your contact list:

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  • 1. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: By applying to perform at the 2018 Vetstock Festival you are agreeing to terms herein:

    In this contract the Norcal Vetstock Festival may be referred to as “Vetstock Festival” or “VSF” Vetstock Festival is a one day festival organized by Vet-Traxx Project Inc., in partnership with V103 Rock home based in Northern California that showcases a variety of music and bands including bands featuring military veterans. In its second year, Vetstock Festival continues to grow and supports the local music scene on a grassroots level through promotion and an opportunity to play in front of new listeners of all ages and genres.

    2. ELIGIBILITY: Previous year’s Vetstock Festival band(s) are eligible to play consecutive Vetstock Festival events, but there is no guarantee that the band will be selected again. You do not have to be a veteran to play at Vetstock Festival, however bands who have a military veteran performing will receive preference. The veteran’s preference does not guarantee a spot on the Vetstock Festival artist roster. There will a total of 17 bands at 2018 Vetstock Festival; 1 spot reserved for a national act (TBD), 15 spots - bands chosen by Vet-Traxx Project and V103 Staff, and 1 spot will be reserved for fan favorite. This band will be listed on the Vetstock Festival social media page and the band who receives the most votes will secure a featured time slot on the main stage. There are a limited number of spots available at each year’s Vetstock Festival, and if your band is selected you will be expected to sell tickets and follow all Vetstock Festival rules and guidelines stated herein.

    3. PRE/AFTER SHOW REQUIREMENTS: As a participant in the 2018 Vetstock Festival, band(s) should NOT play a gig 6 weeks BEFORE and 4 weeks AFTER, within a 100-mile radius of venue location: Veterans' Field, Galt, CA. Any gig OUTSIDE those parameters are acceptable. Bands that fail to meet this requirement will be removed from the line-up and a replacement will be made. NO EXCEPTIONS

    4. TICKET SALES: THIS IS A PAID GIG! The harder you work, the more you make! Tickets are $30 day of the event, and $25 for presale. You must sell a MINIMUM of 25 tickets to be paid. Due to the nature of the payout scale, ticket must be sold for the price of $25 each US Currency. Children 12 & under are free.

    The ticket payout scale is as follows:

    Tickets Sold Compensation Per Ticket Max Possible Payment
    0-24 $0.00 $0.00
    25-49 $2.00 $98.00
    50-74 $3.00 $148.00
    75-99 $5.00 $495.00
    100 & Up $8.00 $800.00 +

     All payouts will be made the morning of 2018 Vetstock Festival (9/15/2018), after all ticket money is received from each band. Tickets and money need to be turned in by 10:30 am the day of the event. If money is not received by this time, you will forfeit any monies earned from ticket sales and your spot in the line-up will be voided. You can arrange to turn in unsold tickets and money the day before the event. You must arrange with the Vetstock Festival president (Eric Lewis).

    Vetstock Festival will also be selling tickets via Any proceeds from tickets sold through our website are the sole property of Vetstock Festival and do not count towards the commission of any other person or group. We reserve the right to sell tickets at our discretion. At no time, will any staff member from Vetstock Festival attempt to sell tickets for an amount other than what is listed on the ticket.

    5. BAND PERFORMANCE TIMES: Line-ups will NOT be announced until 11:30 am on 9/13/2018. Band performance times are based on ticket sales. We recognize everyone wants their fans to know what time to be there, but we would also like to see everyone promote this as an “BE THERE ALL DAY” festival. Again, the goal of Vetstock Festival is to raise PTSD awareness in our veterans and the community, as well as to expose bands to as many new fans as possible and help unify the music scene.

    6. BAND ETHICS: RESPECT, and PROFESSIONALISM is a MUST. Please treat your band as a business, this includes:

    • Promoting your band in a professional manner.

    • Be professional in communications, when talking about other bands, and especially the sponsors.

    • Be on time – when picking up tickets to sell, attending the pre-Vetstock Festival meeting or for day of event load in. Everyone's time is valuable, please be courteous and respectful by being on time and meeting deadlines.

    • Be efficient – reviewing documents and guidelines, following day of event stage protocol, and working well with others.

    • Be SOBER enough to perform and interact with fans day of the event. This is an all-ages show and actions and words from all bands should support the diversity of the audience.

    • NO POLITICS!!! We understand everyone's right to freedom of speech and support of political parties, however, since this is a benefit show for our military veterans and outdoor festival, we ask that you refrain from publicly making negative remarks

    • All members of selected bands should schedule this day off from work or any other responsibilities. If for some reason, you are unable to perform, you must notify the Vetstock Festival talent manager immediately.

    7. EQUIPMENT:  We will have a COMMON BACKLINE on the stage. Cabs, drums, mics, and mic stands will be provided. Bands are required to supply their own amp heads, pedal boards, instruments (excluding drums) and any special necessities you have. Cabinets will NOT be moved.  Headlining bands have the option to use their own equipment.

    • DRUMMERS: You may bring your own sticks, pedal(s), throne, snare drum, snare drum stand, and cymbals (cymbal stands are provided). The drum set may NOT be altered in any other fashion. Set times are generally 30 minutes, and you must provide a stage plot with the application.
    The following drum kits and hard ware will be provided:

    Main stage: Mapex Mars Crossover 5pc kit. Rack tom: 12”, Floor Tom w/Legs: 14” & 16”, Snare: 5.5x14”, Kick: 18x22. Cymbals: Hi-hats, 2 crashes, 1 ride (Cast cymbals)

    2nd Stage: Mapex Mars Fusion 5pc kit. Rack tom: 10” & 12”, Floor Tom w/legs: 14” Snare: 5.5x14”, Kick: 16x20. Cymbals: Hi-hats, 2 crashes, 1 ride (Cast cymbals)

    8. MEDIA INFORMATION: If your band is selected to play the Vetstock Festival, you will be provided with an official Vetstock Festival event kit. This will be available at least 120 days prior to the event. This includes a hi-res flier file (electronic), printed fliers, tickets, links to the OFFICIAL event page, and more.

    9. ARTWORK/LOGO: Please submit a hi-res logo/graphic of your band name. If you use a font face type graphic, please identify the font type. If you have trouble uploading please email to:

    10. MUSIC SUBMISSION: In case you are selected to perform at Vetstock Festival, please submit via e-mail your best recorded song that you would like to see used in a compilation CD or for social media advertisement. Please email it to:

    11. BAND APPLICATION SUBMISSION: Applications and submission can be scanned and emailed to: or mailed to: Vet-Traxx Project, attn: VSF Submission, 653 Waterloo Court, Galt, CA 95632

    By signing this application you agree to abide by terms and conditions listed above.
    All submissions remain the property of Vet-Traxx Project Inc.

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