Basketball League Registration Form  2

Basketball League Registration Form 2

Do you need a form to register new members for a sport team? This form collects personal information, relevant medical information and includes a release of liability. Form Preview
  • Rising Stars Basketball Association Registration Form

    (ages 6 to 16)

    Mater Academy Charter High School 7901 NW 103rd St

  • Athlete Information

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  • Important Notes

    ·  Dress appropriately.

    ·  Keep the gym clean.

    . No food or drinks in gym, but those will be sold outside of the gym for participants and others.

    ·  The league organizers reserve the right to form the teams to ensure the talents of all teams are balanced.

    ·  Fee: $135 per participant. Includes insurance, full uniforms, 8 games plus playoffs, all star weekend, and weekly statistics.

    . $5 fee for technical fouls to ensure proper sportsmanship. We are here to develop players and let them have fun with the game of basketball. 

  • Emergency Contact & Health Insurance Information

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  • Parental Permission For Emergency Treatment

    In the event of illness or accident, I give my permission for emergency treatment by qualified medical personnel for my child, and I authorize the person in charge to take my child to:
    I give consent for the facility to secure any and all necessary emergency medical care for my child.

  • Release of Liability

    Although the safety of all sport activities is the primary concern, indoor sport activities at Rising Stars Basketabll Association facilities may cause injuries and/or death.  I expressly assume the risk of injury, death, and/or illness arising from any cause, and agree to waive the right to pursue any claim against the Rising Stars Basketball Association and the persons in charge.

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