Berkeley Forum Spring 2014 Membership Registration

Berkeley Forum Spring 2014 Membership Registration

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  • Berkeley Forum Membership Info

  • READ CAREFULLY: Please fill this form as directed. Read all instructions carefully. If any of the information you provided changes at any point, please update the secretary-treasurer immediately. All information will be kept confidential unless otherwise noted.

    Questions? Should you have any questions, please contact Secretary-Treasurer Byran Yang at

  • Part 1 : Personal Details

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  • READ CAREFULLY: Please select desired membership status, not the membership status you think you will be assigned. All active members must attend general meetings, which are scheduled for 8-10 p.m. on Tuesdays. NOTE: New members must select "Active." Returning members who have completed a successful active session, may choose to commit up to two consecutive associate member sessions.

  • READ CAREFULLY: Please upload a square photo that clearly displays your face. The photo should be at least 360x360 pixels. The photo will be kept on record for internal identification purposes. Please note that the Forum may choose to broadcast or disseminate your likeliness on its website and any external communications.

  • Part 2 : Schedule

  • READ CAREFULLY: Please upload a current schedule. If changes occur to your schedule at any point over the semester, update Secretary-Treasurer Byran Yang immediately. Otherwise, we will not be able to best accomodate your schedule. It is your responsibility to communicate schedule changes in a timely fashion. Your schedule will help us determine committee meetings, work hours, and whether you are available to help with events.

  • READ CAREFULLY: Please answer "Available" to the following questions unless you have another commitment you ABSOLUTELY cannot miss (e.g. a course section). This will help us determine rehearsal times. Determining times that work for all members is already difficult enough. It is extremely unlikely that we will be able to accomodate participation in other organizations' meetings, social functions, or any commitments that can be rescheduled.

  • READ CAREFULLY: Answer "Available" to the following questions unless you have a regular commitment that for already scheduled at the listed times and cannot be rescheduled or missed. The following information will help us determine special meeting and special event/retreat times. These meetings and socials will be infrequent, will be publicized ahead of time, and will not be scheduled on holidays or long weekends, so that members can plan their personal schedules around them.

  • BERKELEY FORUM RETREAT: All active members are required to attend the Berkeley Forum retreat unless they have a valid excuse. Associate members are strongly encouraged to attend. This session's retreat will take place on February 22 to 23, 2014. Please let us know if you will be attending. The retreat will cost approximately $105 per member; this includes the cost of transportation, lift tickets, ski rentals, food, refreshments, and lodging.

  • Part 3 : Questionnaire

  •   Would Rather Not Neutral Prefer Strongly Prefer My 1st Choice
    Field Day
    Food Trip
    Group Dinner
    Interest Day
    Jeopardy Night with Prizes
    Movie Outing
    Rock Climbing
    Scavenger Hunt
  • READ BEFORE SUBMITTING: By submitting this form, I hereby certify that I have carefully reviewed my responses and that all the information herein provided is accurate. If any of the information provided changes at any point this session, I will notify the Secretary-Treasurer in a timely fashion.

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