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Blueprint 5: Attention to Distraction
  • Do the following three things right now. Don’t justify why you can’t. Do you want to change your life? You can’t just change the outcome. You have to change what you’re doing to affect the outcome.

    1: Turn off notifications on everything

    Seeing that little icon or hearing that ping is one of the strongest triggers we have. It’s why people text and drive even though they know how dangerous it is. Turn off visual and audible notifications for everything unless your life quite literally depends on it.

  • 2: Plan distractions

    Schedule no more than 4 times a day (we recommend once) when you’ll check your tech. Be especially strict with email. Batch email reading and replies into predetermined portions of your day then shut it down. Limit social media to once a day or eliminate it completely and don’t check anything early in the morning, especially before you’ve accomplished something that contributes to your big goal.

  • 3: Eliminate multitasking

    Just accept the fact that multitasking isn't effective and is standing in your way. It's just an excuse to do the hard thing and not be distracted. Commit to your goal focused activities in big chunks of time. Turning off notifications and planning distractions will really help you overcome the need to task switch.

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