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Bodin form 2

Bodin form 2

Bodin form 2 - Info Page Form Preview
  • 21 Day Eat Clean Challenge

    Learn & Develop Good Habits Whilst Having Fun!
  • Get Results NOW!

  • Thank you for your interest in our 21 Day Eat Clean Challenge.

    If you're looking for health results (weight loss, improved energy, improved overall health, lean muscle gain ect) then this Challenge is PERFECT for you! Our challenge is specifically designed to jump-start you into living a Healthy Active Lifestyle. Over 21 days we introduce you to the key steps to living a healthy life as well as getting you into action through daily interaction. Some of the subjects covered are: How to lose the fat and shape up, Heart Health, Digestive Health, Exercise etc. These and ten other subects are designed to help you get good habits in place over the 21 days.

    We do it all through an exclusive, interactive closed Facebook group so you can take part in the Challenge from anywhere in South Africa! When completing your Registration Form, you will be required to upload photos and enter your starting measurements.

    On conclusion of the Challenge, you may choose to take part in the Challenge again at a reduced cost, or continue working with your Herbalife Health Coach (who introduced you to this Challenge) outside of the Challenge.

    The Challenge will cost you only R850.00 and here is what you will get:

    * The Interactive Coaching Group (Facebook)

    • Daily participation and health coaching to guide you and keep you motivated to achieve your goals.
    • Every day or two, we provide you with key information to enable you to make changes to your nutritional habits and lifestyle.
    • We provide you with short notes for various subjects which are downloadable for you to keep.
    • We provide you with short educational video clips presented by one of our top Doctors who is an expert in nutrition.

    * The 21 Day Eat Clean Challenge Pack

    • Your Herbalife F1 Meal Shake - The No.1 Meal Replacement Shake in the World!! (21 meals)
    • Your Herbalife Instant Herbal Beverage - Herbal fat burner and energy and immune system booster(30 drinks)
    • Delicious Shake recipes and access to a website with a library of yummy recipes PLUS the ability to design your own shakes (with nutritional values explained)
    • Starter Kit (Herbalife branded Shaker, measuring scoops, and tape measure)

    * Prize Pool - 1st Place CASH REWARD!

    * Delivery of Challenge Pack Included!

    So take the decision NOW to make changes and get healthy with our incredible 21 Day Eat Clean Challenge! The next Challenge starts on Monday 20 November and ends on Sunday 10 December. Here are the banking details to make payment of your Challenge fees of R850.00:

    Karl Bodin
    FNB Savings
    No: 62356601148
    Code: 250655
    Reference: Your name & surname
    Send proof of payment to 0824659814

    Once proof of payment and your completed Registration Form (NEXT PAGE) is received, your Challenge Pack will be delivered via Dawn Wing Couriers within 3 to 4 working days (within South African borders).

    If you cannot take part in this Challenge because of your finances right now or you are sceptical, why not try our products first in our 6 Day Breakfast Challenge which is only R150.00 (including delivery of your Challenge Pack)!! Click HERE for more information and to register.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the 21 Day Eat Clean Challenge. Take action NOW and transform you body for Summer!

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