BUSA On-Premise Account Call TEMPLATE

BUSA On-Premise Account Call TEMPLATE

BUSA On-Premise Account Call Form Preview
On-Premise Account Call TEMPLATE
  • On-Premise Account Call TEMPLATE

    team Promotional Specialists are required to contact the account 48 hours prior to the event date. A script is provided below for your convenience.
  • Hi, my name is <name>, I’m with team representing Bacardi USA and I am calling to confirm a <brand> promotion, may I please speak with an available manager?

    Continue the script once your speaking to the right person on the phone…

    Hi, <manager's name>. I am calling to confirm the <brand> promotion scheduled for <date> at <time>. I would also like to confirm there is enough product available in store to execute this promotion, a minimum of <1>* bottle is required to execute the tasting.

    *Confirm with event manager how many bottles should be availalbe

    Wait for inventory confirmation from the manager

    Will you be the manager on duty that day? If not, who will be my point of contact?

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with <account name> soon.

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