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Car Seat Checklist

Car Seat Checklist

This is the form that your care givers can fill out before they come to see you. Once filled out, you can type in 1234 where it says TECH ONLY and everything that you need to fill out will pop up. Techs Caregivers can also add photos Form Preview
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  • I understand and agree that the sole purpose of this service is to help reduce the incidence of improper child safety seat installation;that this inspection is being provided as a free educational service to me; that this service cannot fully evaluate the quality, safety, or condition of the child safety seat any child safety seat provided or any component of my vehicle, including the seats or safety belts; and that this service cannot guarantee my child's safety in a vehicle collision. I understand it is important to read and follow theinstruction manuals for both the vehicle and the car seat. For these reasons, I hereby release your name goes here and any other program participants from any present or future liability for any injuries or damages that may result from a vehicle collision or otherwise. I further agree to fully indemnify and hold the service provider harmless from any liability for injuries arising out of the installation of the car seat.

  • Please complete the below information regarding any and all vehicles you will be getting checked and all children whose seats you will be checked


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