Central Regional School District Registration

Central Regional School District Registration

Here's a perfect example of how a form could be used for educational and administrative purposes. This form so happens to gather regional information to determine preference based on details pertaining to the residence of a student, their family, and the school's district for zoning. Form Preview
  • Central Regional School District

    509 Forest Hills Parkway Bayville, NJ 08721
  • Interdistrict Public School Choice School Year 2014 - 15

    Application for Enrollment
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    Does the Student have a current IEP
    Does the Student have a 504 Plan
  • Any student applying for the School Choice Program will be conditionally accepted pending educational program review, annual IEP review or re-evaluation, or 504 plan review during or at the end of the current school year.

  • By my signature I certify that:

    I am applying for the named student's admission to the Central Regional School District as a Choice Student for academic reasons only and not for athletic, extracurricular, or social reasons; and that a Notice of Intent to Participate in the School Choice Program was provided to my District of Residence. I also certify that my child will be enrolled in my resident school district for the entire current school year.

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