Chaboya After School Sports Registration Rel.1.4

Chaboya After School Sports Registration Rel.1.4

Athletic Registration form Form Preview
  • Dear Parents/Guardians,

    For any student to participate in the Chaboya Middle School After School Sports Program, the information requested below is essential. Since the possibility of injury is present in even the mildest of athletic events, some form of accident or health insurance is required before any student will be allowed to participate in any sport. There is a space provided below for you to indicate the type of insurance you carry. There is also insurance coverage available by an outside carrier made available through the school district. Your son or daughter may not participate in our After School Sports Program without insurance coverage​.

    Student Eligibility

    Student eligibility will be determined at the regular reporting periods using either quarterly report cards or progress reports. A GPA of 2.0 and no “F” grade is the minimum requirement to participate on the team. At the beginning of each sport, all student athletes are considered on “probation” until the regular quarterly report card or progress report, which comes out during their respective season, is issued. The date this official report is distributed at school is the “cut date.” Students who do not meet the minimum requirement:

    • Are not eligible to participate in practices or events.
    • Will be dropped from the team roster.

    A student who becomes ineligible for one sport may try out for a future sport. The same eligibility requirements will apply.

    If you have questions about the Chaboya After School Sports program, please contact our Athletic Director, Mrs. Kelly Hodgin.

  • Student Athlete Information

  • Tell Us More About Yourself

  • Tell Us More About Yourself

  • Tell Us More About Yourself

  • Parent Contact Information

  • Medical and Insurance Information

  • Emergency Information

  • Please provide two emergency contacts in case we are unable to contact

    Parent #1 or Parent #2:

  • Communication

  • Game schedules are available on the school website ( under Athletics on the red menu bar. Select the sport your child is participating in to view, print or automatically add the schedule to your personal calendar.

    Throughout the season there may be changes in practice times and game scheudules. The best way for us to text or email you is through the information you have listed in your Powerschool account. Please make sure all your contact information is correct in Powerschool so you can receive last minute notifications.

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