Summer Camp Permission Form challenge

Summer Camp Permission Form challenge

This summer camp permission slip template is a permission or consent form for students or person who are going to camping or outing with classmates, friends and etc. This parental consent form for youth camp is usually given to parents or guardians to be signed by them. This camp consent form template contains parents' contact information, emergency contact information. Form Preview
Summer Camp Permission Form challenge Form Template | JotForm
  • Summer Camp 2015 Permission to Participate in Activities: Challenge, Inc.

  • 1. Activity Supervisors

    Consecrated women of Regnum Christi, Mom chaperones, college-aged volunteers.
  • 2. Transportation

    Participants are responsible for securing their own rides to and from Potters Ranch. Adult volunteers and chaperones will transport the participants to Big Bone Lick State Park up to 4 times during camp.
  • 3. Mentoring

    Participants may be offered mentoring, which is intended to help young people personalize the principles of Christian living that they receive at home and in club activities. Mentoring involves a private conversation with an adult conducted in plain view of others. When dealing with adolescents, confidentiality will be maintained to foster openness of dialogue, but situations involving sexual abuse of a minor or threats to life or physical health will be reported to the appropriate authority and to the parents (except in those cases where the parent may be the alleged abuser).
  • 4. Requirements

    The child named above is in good health and has no physical or medical limitations that would cause the activities as described above to be detrimental or dangerous to the child. Parents/guardians should specify allergies and medical problems in section above.
  • 5. Consent

    I hereby attest that I am (we are) the legal parent\guardian(s) of the above-named child and hereby consent to the child's participation in the activities described above. I understand that activities of the kind described above may result in physical injury to my child but nonetheless specifically request that he or she be allowed to participate in those activities.
  • 6. Insurance

    I/We understand that Challenge,Inc. does not carry any insurance relative to the activities or for any injury that may occur to the above-named child. I/We represent that the child is (a) covered by insurance through my own insurance carrier; or (b) that I/We am personally financially responsible for any and all medical costs incurred as a result of the child's injury.
  • 7. Emergencies

    If the above-named child requires any emergency medical treatment or procedures during the activities, I hereby consent to and authorize the above-named activity supervisor(s) to make any decision and take any action to arrange for such procedures or treatments in the discretion of the activity supervisor(s).
  • 8. Release and Identification

    I release and waive, and further agree to indemnify, hold harmless or reimburse Challenge,Inc., the individual members, agents, employees and representatives thereof, as well as activity supervisors, from and against, any claim which I, any other parent or guardian, any sibling, the above-named child, or any other person, firm or corporation may have or claim to have, known or unknown, directly or indirectly, for any losses, damages or injuries arising out of, during, or in connection with the child's participation in the activities (including all forms of transportation) or the rendering of emergency medical procedures or treatment, if any.
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  • 9. Emergency Contacts

    If, in the event of a medical or other emergency, I am unable to be reached by telephone at my home or work telephone numbers listed below, I authorize the activity supervisor(s) to attempt to contact me through the emergency contacts listed below.
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  • **Note: Chaperones must be Virtus trained. You can check more than one box. Chaperoning implies spending the night at camp.

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