Chapelwood's Event Promotion Request

Chapelwood's Event Promotion Request

Want to promote an event that Chapelwood is hosting or supporting? Here's where. Fill out the form, and Communications will receive your request, and get back with you if there are any questions. Form Preview
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    Note: The EPR has been replaced with the new CAP tier structure. EPR submissions are no longer being accepted. Thank you.
  • Changes and questions should be emailed to Tiffany,


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  • Please note:  Most deliverables take a minimum of two weeks. Talk to your Marketing Partner.

  • Paper and color printing costs will be charged to the account above by Marketing & Communications. Approximate charges are listed below.
    • 4"x7" flyers/cards are .05 each.
    • Letter-size flyers are .10 each if one-sided and .15 each if two-sided.
    • Tabloid-sized posters (one-sided) are .13 each.
    • Larger prints, specialty paper or outsourced print jobs will be quoted individually.

    Chapelwood uses videos for many purposes: to tell stories of transformation happening in the life of our church, to promote upcoming events, and to provide information and training. Creating videos is very resource intensive, and our resources are limited. Therefore, the Communications Ministry must prioritize video requests and may not be able to fulfill all requests by the date specified. If you have a video production need, please discuss it with Karen Firenza before relying on its completion.

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