Party Registration Form - Chinese

Party Registration Form - Chinese

Beach Party Registration Form Form Preview
  • cíqì 2013.07.27-28

    Private Beach Party 瓷器潮汐私人派对  
  • 由于需要提前预定大巴及住宿,报名截止到7月24日22:00。



    取票及现金结算请到Café Zarah (地图) ,或者联系我们。



    As the bus & accomodation needs to be booked in advance, please register until July 24, 22:00.

    If you have any friend by that time still not sure whether can attend, please fill out this form and indicate the situation, we can arrange the ticket at the scene.

    The tickets can be purchased by cash at Café Zarah (Map), or just contact us.

    Please note that all related work for this event is done by friends who volunteer to organize and help. Please kinldy register through the link above to help us simplify the organization. Thank you.

    If you choose hotel room as your accomodation, advance payment is requested July 25, 22:00 prior.

  • 由于进入南戴河旅游旺季,房价涨势强劲,此酒店房价已上浮动。故此原订房的价格作为预付定金,请大家在酒店前台补齐房款。我们推荐大家选择与我们一起在沙滩露营撒野!

    Since the summer is the high season for people to get to the beach, so the rate for hotel rooms is rising by the minute. The price for the rooms can only serve for a deposite for your room, you will have to pay an extra cost at the front desk, which we as the organizers can not know for sure at this minute. In this light, we strongly encourage you to camp at the beach with us!


    The hotel rooms are booked full!

  • 我们会很快通过邮件联系你。欢迎你的加入!

    We will contact you via email soon. Welcome my friend!

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