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Business Deal and Marketing Request Form

Business Deal and Marketing Request Form

This deal form allows you to conduct a business request Form Preview
  • Add New Deal

  • All Deals must offer a discount of at least 40% off the original product or service. We Offer 2 Options for all Deal Listings.

  • Option 1: DEALS EXCLUSIVE TO TEXTADEAL - Whatever price you wish to receive for your deal will be the price you get, therefore costing you nothing to have your deal listed. Textadeal will automatically add 10% to your deal rate before it is listed online and that add on is what the customer will pay Textadeal to claim their voucher for your product or service. The amount you require for your deal will then be paid directly to you the business when the customer presents you with their Textadeal Text Voucher.

  • Option 2: DEALS CURRENTLY RUNNING IN VARIOUS LOCATIONS AS WELL AS TEXTADEAL - 10% Commission charge per deal sold only. Customers will pay 10% of your deal rate to textadeal to recieve their discount text voucher and then the balance directly to you the business at time of service.

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  • By agreeing to this contract you will be required to honour all vouchers sold on your behalf at the stated rate detailed above. This is an agreement to have your Deal included on the textadeal website. No sales at the above sale rate will be sold to customers unless presented with a textadeal voucher code when sold on the Textadeal website. A 10% deposit will be paid directly to textadeal.ie by customers to secure their vouchers and the balance will be paid directly to you the business. Textadeal has the right to alter any deals running dates at short notice if it believes the change of date will be beneficial to the success of the deal. In agreeing to this contract the merchant is agreeing to the Full terms and conditions of textadeal as stated on the textadeal website (to view visit www.textadeal.ie). All deals will run for 14 days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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