For Tracy

For Tracy

Volunteer Inquiry Form Preview

  • The church is not just a place where you come and sit, but an opportunity where you can come to serve. You have gifts and abilities that can help the body of Christ to grow. Furthermore, Peter tells us to use our gifts “to serve one another” (1 Peter 4:10). When we serve others, we realize that it’s not all about us.

    Every week teams of people come together to set up for church, to work with children and our youth, to help people feel welcome, and to care for others in need. These groups serve alongside each other, and in the process of leading people from where they are to where God wants them to be, they are getting to know each other better.

    You can use your gifts and talents right here at Eastpoint! Find a place where you can use your specific God-given talents and abilities to make a difference. We invite you to discover your role and to experience the joy of serving in Jesus’ name!

    Please take a moment to fill out the information below while keeping in mind that each catagory will present as a new page.