Clone of ALIVE Leadership Camp

Clone of ALIVE Leadership Camp

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Clone of ALIVE Leadership Camp
  • Alive Leadership Camp

  • ALIVE Leadership Camp equips young people who are leaders in the camps, churches and communities.

    This event is one of six hosted by Christian Camping New Zealand, all around NZ each year.  Designed for young people who lead at Kids Holiday Camps, this event would also be great for anyone who leads at their youth group of in their community.

    Where: Coopers Beach Christian Youth Camp

    When: 7pm, Friday 2nd Sept - Sun 4th Sept, 2pm.

    Who: 13-24yos who lead or aspire to leadership!  (You must come with a camp, youth group or community group, and bring an adult who leads your ministry (over 25yo).)

    Cost: $20 if you are 13-24yo (50 spaces at this discounted price) | $55 for adults (25yo+)

    How to Pay: See info below registrations.

    What to bring: Bible, Pen, Clothes, Pillow/Sleeping Bag, Toiletries, and a Positive Attitude

  • Program for the Weekend

  • LISTEN to the life of David

    TAKE PART in team activities

    GROW your leading skills

    This year we are investigating the life of David. He was CHOSEN by God when he was mostly a nobody, he defeated at GIANT and showed his whole country who their God was. David also messed up - big time - but we can learn from his life how to clean up our messes and get back into relationship with God.

    Our learning will happen through a few different modes, so no matter how you best learn you will fit:

    Games, worship, small groups, teaching, self development models and personal reflection.

  • ALIVE Speakers


    If you are looking for Alice, you’ll find her outside with a friend by her side and a coffee in her hand. Alice’s dream is for you to encounter the love and life of God. She has spent a lot of time with young adults as a leader, mentor and teacher. She currently works with a bunch of different ministries to help people discover who God created them to be. Alice is also is the author of the Leaders In Training modules for CCNZ.



    Chris is passionate about seeing people grow. Chris loves to teach and talk leadership and creating kingdom culture through discipleship.  Together Chis and his wife Gretchen run ‘Lighthouse Leadership-Psychology & Training’ a cutting edge and creative business that seeks to build nations full of people who know their value, identity and purpose.

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