Clone of Code of Conduct Form

Clone of Code of Conduct Form

Clone of Code of Conduct Form Form Preview
  • Code of Conduct Report Form

  • This form must be completed and submitted within one week (seven days) of the completion of the tournament. This official form must be used in all instances.

    The purpose of this report is to quickly establish any problems with players' behaviour both on and off court so that should any disciplinary action be necessary, it can be implemented without undue delay.

    The report is two sections: (a) On-site Offences and (b) Off-court Offences. With the On-site Offences, this section must be completed by the match referee. Please make sure the form is submitted in full by the relevant personnel.

  • Section A: On-Site Offences

  • Section B: Off-site Offences

  • Should any incident occur which you consider has been prejudicial to the tournament can you please detail it below. Most importantly, please give names of witness(es) and is possible, attach written statements of such witness(es). You may also wish to attach additional surpporting documentation with this complaint.

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