Animal Clinic Boarding Form

Animal Clinic Boarding Form

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  • Welcome to Countryside Animal Clinic of Deland, LLC

  • Boarding Release Form


  • - For the protection of all the pets and staff at Countryside Animal Clinic, each animal that boards will be given vaccinations if needed. Intestinal parasite testing will be done if necessary and if test results are positive, your pet will be treated.

    - Your pet will receive a brief complimentary exam. Medication and medical care, including any emergency care, will be administered to your pet if it is in our professional medical opinion necessary for the comfort and well being of your pet and a healthy environment for other pets.

    - If there is any evidence of fleas found on your pet, a bath or appropriate treatment will be given.

    - All services will be rendered at our normal fee and payment will be due in full at the time your pet is discharged from boarding.

    - It is not unusual for pets to lose weight when not in their relaxed home environment.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your pet.

  • Medications and Instructions

  • Feeding Instructions

  • Belongings

    Although we will do everything to protect your belongings, we are not responsible for damage or loss of items.
  • Services Requested

  • If you have read and agree to the policies of Countryside Animal Clinic of Deland, please sign below as owner or agent.

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