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Member Form

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  • Colorado Safe Acupuncture Association Membership Application

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  • Membership

    Thank you for your interest. CSAA membership will run for three years from your registration date. The CSAA offers free membership for Students, Associates, and Professionals.
  • Membership Levels

    1. Student Membership:  Members must be currently enrolled in a recognized, professional entry-level training program. 2. Associate Membership: For those who support the activities of this association and want to stay informed of activity. 3. Professional Membership:  This is for professional acupuncturists who are licensed with the Department of Regulatory Agencies - Acupuncture Office in the State of Colorado.
  • Membership Benefits

    Once a member of the CSAA, your benefits will include a new practitioner's packet, specific for students and new acupuncturists, with everything you need to know to begin a practice in the state of Colorado. We are currently working on this packet and will send it as soon as we complete it in the coming months. Email updates on new legislative information regarding safe acupuncture in the state of Colorado will also be provided.
  • Member Communications

    In an effort to go green, the CSAA’s primary communication will be via email correspondence. Please read our emails carefully to ensure that you keep current with the exciting changes at the CSAA!
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  • For Acupuncture Students and Professionals only:

    Items in this section apply to Acupuncture Professionals and Students only (Associates may skip)
  • For Professionals only:

    Items in this section apply to Acupuncture Professionals only (Students and Associates may skip)
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  • Member Interests

    We would like to know more about you and your interests in order to better support you. If you are an Associate, please specify interest in acupuncture modalities and specialities based on your experience with acupuncture.

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