CoD Website Gallery / Global Map Projects

CoD Website Gallery / Global Map Projects

Form for Global Map and gallery project entry for the CoD Website Form Preview
  • CoD Website Gallery / Global Map Projects

    To have your project included in the College of Design's Gallery and Global Map - please enter in the following information. The form will need to be completed for each project you wish to include. An individual project can include multiple images.
  • Artist Information

    Please complete each field below. If you are 100% sure this person is already an artist on the website - you do not have to enter this section.
  • Project Details

    This section is required. All fields must be completed to have the project included in the Global Map. More than one image can be submitted per project. More than one project can be submitted per artist but a separate form must be completed.
  • Latitude / Longitude

    For the two following fields, please choose the location of where the project is located.

    For example, if you created a project that is supposed to be located in Paris, France, but it was from a class in Lexington, KY - use Paris as your latitude and longitude location. (ie: 48.8588377, 2.2775172)

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  • Upload a File
  • Opportunities

    If this project was part of one of the following student opportunities, please select the most appropriate option.
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