Commission Request for Art

Commission Request for Art

While targeted to furry artists, this works for other type of art requests too. PLEASE CHANGE THE TOS. Feel free to use the existing one as an example. Form Preview
  • Commission Request

    Request for Quote
  • Please complete this form to the best of your abilities. The more details I have the better.

    Filling out this form does not confirm you are in my queue. Only when you accept the quote I email you and you make the first payment are you considered in my queue. It is likely that I might fill up and not be able to quote at all. In this case you'll get an email stating you'll be notified the next time I open.

    Thank you for your interest!

  • All pictures will include a simple background for free. Here are the background options explained:

    • Simple: bed sheets, two walls, grass, etc.
    • Full: simple outdoor scene, full room in a house, nightclub, etc.
    • Advanced: usually includes props like maybe part of a car or a nightclub with silhouetted furs in the background, or a complex scene with ocean and sunset.

    Another way to save on a background is to have the characters close-up in the shot so there isn't much background showing.

    If I feel your background will be a different type than you selected, I will contact you before invoicing.

    It may turn out that after the sketch is done, the background may be less so the amount in the Background selection is a high estimate.

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