Community Wide Cleanup

Community Wide Cleanup

Use this form for collecting applications for a community wide cleanup. Gather your community around a social cause that helps the improvement of the surroundings with a form that combines contact information and date and detailed location of the cleanup. Form Preview
  • 2015 Spring Brightside/Passport Health Plan Community-Wide Cleanup

  • Contact Information

    Please use proper capitalization and punctuation to help your friendly Brightside Staffer with editing. Thanks!
  • Cleanup Information

  • If you are not sure of your Metro Council district please use the Map It feature to find out.

  • Brightside greatly appreciates your support and efforts by serving the community during Brightside’s Community-Wide Cleanup. However, what many people are not aware of is the costs that go into making a cleanup happen. If you feel inclined, Brightside appreciates donations to help offset the costs of putting a cleanup event on. No donation is too large or too small. Thank you again for your wonderful service to our community.

  • Brightside provides T-shirts to the FIRST 5,000 registered participants. If a group fails to pickup their supplies on October 11, and they have T-shirts, the T-shirts go to other volunteers on a first come first serve basis. Groups who do not have t-shirts can call Brightside on Tuesday, October 21 to see if any T-shirts have been returned.

  • Groups select their own cleanup site, and Brightside offers FREE gloves and bags.

    Please remember, if you do not attend the Supply Pickup your shirts will go back into the "General Population" and become eligible for groups who registered after the 5,000 volunteer point or who may need extra items.

    Don't forget your supplies!
    Successful cleanups can't happen without supplies, so please plan to send a member of your group to pick up your items.

    Thanks for submitting your registration for the Brightside Community-Wide Cleanup. Any questions please call 574-2613.

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