Contextual Education II profile form

Contextual Education II profile form

This is a copy of a form for the Con Ed program. Form Preview
  • Contextual Education II Ecclesial Site and Site Mentor Profile

  • Please note: All questions must be completely filled out in order to have your profile published on the Contextual Education website. Any questions? Email

  • Church photos must be at least 530 pixels wide by 230 pixels deep. 

    Suggested images: Students working with children, preaching, or other areas of ministry; sanctuary, church garden, etc.

  • A key component of Contextual Education II is students’ participation and reflection upon the five areas of ministry. Please list the ways that a Candler student can fulfill these five areas of ministry at your site. 

  • Con Ed II Site Mentor information

  • The site mentor must fulfill the following requirements to be approved for the Contextual Education II program:

    -Be ordained and a graduate of an accredited seminary, and employed in the respective placement. 

    -Be willing to meet with your student in an intentional mentoring relationship for approximately 1.5 hours every other week.

    -Be able to accomodate your student to rotate through the five areas of ministry with opportunity to experience all of them during the academic year.

    -Both minister and church are willing to engage in educational ministry, understanding that this is an educational partnership between Candler and the site. 

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