Contract for English 2- Accelerated

Contract for English 2- Accelerated

Contract Form for Accelerated Students with teacher approval and recommendation section. Form Preview
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  • AHS Contract for English 2- Accelerated

  • English 2 – Accelerated is a yearlong advanced writing and literature study course designed for students who have demonstrated superior study skills and academic ability in literary comprehension and written expression. The course uses the same Language of Literature, grade 10 textbook and many of the same supplementary materials as the regular, college-prep. English 2 course. However, greater emphasis is placed on developing skills for significantly deeper interpretative responses to a variety of poetry, fiction, drama and other literary works of merit. This course is designed to prepare advanced students who have clearly demonstrated outstanding performance in a variety of study skills including analytical reading, indepth understanding, critical evaluation, and essay writing necessary for successful advancement to Advanced Placement. Language and Composition.Because of the challenging nature of the extensive independent reading and expository essay writing requirements, only students who have achieved the "Advanced" level of CST scoring and a grade of A in English 1 - Accelerated, or a grade of A+ in regular English 1 should consider enrolling in English 2 -Accelerated. In addition, written approval from your current English teacher is required. A student’s commitment to the effort necessary for success in English 2 – Accelerated is initially established by his or her successful completion of the required summer reading (read and fully annotate at least two literary works from the list below) and all related assignments prior to the first day of class.

    Summer Reading List:

    The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan

    1984 by George Orwell

    The Yellow Raft by Michael Dorris

    Students should be prepared for an essay assignment at the beginning of the school year that demonstrates evidence and analysis garnered from the summer readings. Failure to complete the summer reading requirements and related assignments may disqualify a student from enrollment in the course.

  • I agree to complete all assignments with my best effort, including the summer reading, and adhere to the homework and attendance requirements during the entire school year.

  • I have read this contract carefully and herewith give my assent.

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