Craft Event Vendor Show Registration Form

Craft Event Vendor Show Registration Form

Invite craft vendors using this craft fair vendor application template to your special event celebration such as during Christmas season to showcase their craft and masterpiece to hundreds of attendees in your location. This craft fair vendor application would allow you to reserve a booth for craft vendors and at the same time, allow them to pay their booking online. Use this event vendor application template to ask vendors about their type of handicraft items and to upload a picture of the submitted crafts. This craft show vendor application is also a form where you can ask vendors to give you feedback regarding their experience in submitting their items online. Form Preview
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  • This is required by the Iowa Department of Revenue-Sales Tax and Special Events  For more information go to

  • Easter Grimes Community Complex Application- email at

  • ISu-Scheman Building Craft Event Application- Email me at

  • You are not booked for an event until Payment is Received.

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