Cruise Registration Form 2

Cruise Registration Form 2

Simple and short form for cruise registration. This allows customers to register or book for a cruise for short vacations or celebrations during special holidays like Memorial Day. Useful for cruise lines company. Form Preview
  • UnCovering The NewU: The Cruise Edition

  • Welcome to UnCovering The NewU, The Cruise Edition!!

    I am so glad that you are embarking on this great opportunity to not only sail the seas with us, but to learn how to come home with a NewU!! While on this glorious cruise, we will learn how to properly create and maintain a food log, how to use gym equipment, understand how to workout with physical and mental blocks, as well as have fun on the beaches of the Bahamas!! Oh, we will also have some social events and ofcourse early morning Zumba Classes!!

    For those that don't know me, I am a Master Fitness Trainer and I currently hold a Masters in Sports and Health Science with a concentration in sports and exercise performance. Being an avid sports fan and exercise fanatic I became apersonal trainer, after I found out that both of my parents were in jeopardy of their health declining. This situation caused me to want to find a way to help them and ensure that their health didn't get any worse than it has been. Family is everything and my parents mean the world to me, so if it meant saving their lives in any form or fashion that is just what I was going to do and did!

    I decided to get my personal training certification while stationed in Iraq while teaching spin class. Yes, I am military too!! Upon my return to the United States with one 5lb weight, no space available but my living room, & 1 client, I decided to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship and started UncoveringTheNewU, LLC February 2012.

    Currently I have helped over 31 individuals from New York, New York to Oakland, California with a total loss of 578lbs. My certifications range from strength and conditioning coach for youth football players, Group X training, TRX, Zumba Instructor, Fitness Nutritionist, and many more.

    This past fall I also became a member of Delta Zeta Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc located in the the Prince George's County of Maryland. I have also shared my fitness knowledge with my new Sorors and Fraternity brothers and have begun helping them reach their personal goals too! We also will have a special code for all Memebers of both organizations! Please make sure to ask myself or our Travel Agent Soror Spencer for the code!!


    - Master Fitness Trainer

    - Certified Fitness Nutritionist

    - Certified Total Body & Wellness Life Coach

    - Strength & Conditioning

    - Group Training