Tenant Information Formcurrent

Tenant Information Formcurrent

Are you a property owner or simply put, a landlord who requires tenants to update their information in your records? Use this tenant information form to get all the necessary details from your renters. This tenant information update form is packed with other fields for tenants to provide information related to their family members or individuals living in the same unit. You can also use this tenant contact information form template for pre-tenancy application and collect information from potential renters such as their personal details including the name and contact information, their renting history, and character references you can contact to find out more about them or for emergency purposes. Form Preview
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  • Dear Tenant(s),

    We hope that this new year is full of great blessings for you! Also, we wanted to reach out to you to let you know that it is time for our office to complete an annual update to all of our Tenant files. And we need your help to do it!

    Secure Properties regularly communicates with all of our tenants to ensure the highest level of service. Therefore, accurate Tenant contact information is necessary for successful communication between our office and tenants living at properties we manage.

    We often send out emails, phone recordings, and text messages to remind our tenants of upcoming maintenance appointments, property inspections, lease renewals/move-outs, and payment reminders. Letters are rarely sent unless deemed necessary-save that paper :)

    Two (bi-annual) rental inspections will be scheduled this year to ensure that all smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems are in good condition and to check for any other interior or exterior repairs needed at the property.

    Communication (letter, email, phone recording, text message) will be sent out 7 days in advance of an inspection stating the date and 3 hour time window that the inspection will be performed. Although not required, we strongly encourage tenants to be present during the inspection to inform our agent of any maintenance issues or concerns when they enter to inspect the property.

    Therefore, it is REALLY imperative that you provide us with your most current information so that we can ensure that you are promptly informed of any/all important notices or alerts.

    To provide us with your most current information, please complete and submit the following form.


    Thank you for your cooperation!


    Secure Properties, LLC

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