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Endorsement & Special Projects Committee  Eval Form

Endorsement & Special Projects Committee Eval Form

Old Form Form Preview
  • Endorsement & Special Projects - Committee Evaluation Form

  • The Endorsements & Special Project Committee’s Evaluation Form has been designed to facilitate your analysis, discussion, and deliberation of collaboration or endorsement proposals in view of:

    * How closely the proposed initiative is aligned with NCSS goals and priorities;

    * Degree or risk to NCSS;

    * Recommendation to the NCSS board.

  • In addition to this evaluation form, you are being provided with an Initial Endorsements & Special Projects Evaluation form completed by staff, which will provide you with the following information:

    • Completeness of proposal (Section I);
    • Type of involvement requested (Section II)
    • Nature of the requesting group (Section III)
    • Potential Economic impact (Section III)
    • Level of NCSS input requested or already provided (Section III)
    • Degree of Risk of Controversy as assessed by Staff (Section IV)
    • Type of board of director’s action and degree of immediacy required (Section V)