Absence Travel Request Form

Absence Travel Request Form

This template is used for international travel. Can be used when travelers wants to file personal or any private reason not to continue with the travel. Form Preview
International Absence Form
  • INTERNATIONAL Absence Form

  • If a student decides to go home for a personal reason, the I-20 must be terminated and a new I-20 created , $200 government fee (certain conditions apply).

    Your Visa MUST be valid at your return to Epic, if you do not have a current Visa by the time you come back you will have to apply again for a Visa with a new I-20.

    This request will be reviewed by your team leader, however make sure you notify your flight instructor and/or ground instructor (if you have more than one instructor you MUST notify all) about your absence request, if this has been approved, to avoid being scheduled and get a no show.

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  • Dates Requested

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  • **If you do not have a return date yet your I-20 can not be created before you leave. Once you are ready to come back please contact Student Services (studentservices@epicflightacademy.com) to provide the start date for your new I-20.

  • Travel information

  • Please provide us with information about your location while not at Epic, in case we need to contact you.

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  • I-20 information

  • The following information is required to prepare your new I-20:

  • DO NOT book tickets or make reservations until you receive an answer to your request!!!!

  • Should be Empty: