ESET L1TechSupport Exam

ESET L1TechSupport Exam

ESET L1TechSupport Exam Form Preview
  • Technical Support Education Center

    • Total exam time is 40 minutes and it cannot be paused. You are given 10 minutes to fill out your personal information and reading the instructions, 30 minutes to answer the questions.
    • Test consists of 25 questions about ESET Security Products.
    • Exam will not be submitted if there are questions with no answer.
    • Once the time is up, either you finish the test or not, the form will be auto submitted.
    • Every question have four possible answers, your task is to mark all correct answers. There might be
    • more than one correct answer in one question.
    • Minimum exam score is zero and maximum exam score is 48.
    • You need at least 80% of all possible points to pass the certification exam.

    We wish you a good luck.

    ESET Technical Team

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