Exit Interview 3

Exit Interview 3

They are going? Don't let them leave without the feedback. Useful for HR and management. Form Preview


    The company requires an exit interview upon notice of termination. The purpose of the exit interview is to complete necessary forms, collect company property and discuss employment experiences with the company.



    It is the policy of 20Four7VA to ensure that any VA or staff whose employment is being terminated, whether voluntary or involuntarily, receives an exit interview. The exit interview shall be conducted by HR. The objectives of the exit interview are as follows:

    •   To determine and discuss the VA’s or staff's reason for resignation, if applicable.
    •   To discover and discuss any misunderstandings the VA or staff may have had about his/her job or with any of his/her colleagues.
    •   To maintain goodwill and teamwork amongst current and future VAs and staff.
    •   To review administrative details with the VA or staff such as benefit continuation rights and conversion privileges, if any, final pay, re-employment policy, and employment compensation.
    •   To arrange for the return of any company property to the operations team.



    Upon a VA’s or staff's announcement of his/her intent to resign, HR shall schedule an exit interview for the VA or staff as soon as possible.

    In the event that a decision has been made to terminate a VA or staff, the VA or staff shall meet with HR for an exit interview as soon as possible, or as deemed appropriate.

    Throughout the duration of the exit interview, HR shall seek to meet all objectives listed within the exit interview policy.

    The departing VA or staff shall complete the following exit interview form as thoroughly as possible.

    Any information obtained during the exit interview may be disclosed to and/or discussed with the POC, HR, Recruitment and Training Departments, as deemed necessary, in order to investigate any allegations made or to inform them of any emerging problems.

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