Finalist Model Questionnaire

Finalist Model Questionnaire

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  • 2018 Model Questionnaire (Adult/Teen) - Further Questioning

    Please fill out all of the questions!
  • Congratulations! If you're filling this form out, that means you've made in to the top 5 of your category!

    This questionnaire is to help me learn a little more about you. Please give me as many details as you feel comfortable with; the better idea I get of who you are, the easier our sessions will go!

    After reviewing these questionnaires, I will decide the order of the top 5 contestants and contact them to discuss the final process! 

    Again, congratulations, and good luck!

  • Terms and Conditions

    Representatives will promote only J. Muller Photography. Representatives will not have other professional photos taken during the contract.

    Signing of a contract will require both parties and legal guardian if representative is under 18.

    Any breach of contract will result in termination of model status. A breach can occur if model does not meet contract requirements, social media presence is negative, or a model/photographer disagreement occurs. Breaches are determined by the photographer; however, a model can choose to terminate contract at any time.

    Number of shoots and edits will be determined on a model-by-model basis. Typically, there is one shoot per month. If model and/or photographer can not align schedules to shoot once per month, no penalty will occur. If no session is scheduled or sessions can cancelled 3 times, contract can be terminated. 

    All edits and photos remain property of J. Muller Photography to be used for advertisement purposes such as (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, private party messaging, business cards and brochures.

    Virtual signing of this questionnaire implies knowledge and consent to above stated terms and conditions.

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